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Engmek – Global Reach
and Manufacturing Capability

EngMek Advantage

Global Reach and Manufacturing Capability

EngMek’s local knowledge, long-established business relationships and on-the-ground presence in China is a key competitive advantage that EngMek customers leverage to their ongoing benefit.

We offer a wide range of mechanical engineering services and work in partnership with our customers to find the optimum solution for them.

EngMek’s head office, which is located in Ireland, manages the logistics of all shipments from our manufacturers in Asia to our customers’ bases in America, Europe and Asia itself to ensure on-time delivery of all orders. Our office in Shanghai has direct contact with our manufacturers to ensure that products are manufactured on schedule. With our own Quality Control staff on the ground in Asia, our office in Shanghai ensures, prior to all shipments, that all parts are subject to rigorous pre-shipment quality checks to ensure quality products are delivered to our international customers.

We Ensure on-time deliveries, hassle free handling of logistics and the desired quality checks.

Global Reach and Manufacturing Capability

Global Reach and Manufacturing Capability