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Sealing Corner

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Product Details

With regard to the assembly, the corner area has proved to be particularly critical. This is because improper use of the gasket tape or assembly errors occur more frequently at this point. In order to ensure a simple and safe seal, the sealing corner is an ideal addition to Gebhardt sealing tape.

Sealing corner and tape create a plane seal in one layer. As such, the doubling up of material and the slipping of the sealing tape into the interior of the duct now belong to the past. The result is comparable to a prefabricated seal. The sealing corner is "the" simple and reliable way to seal the flange connections of square ducts.

The sealing corner is suitable for 20mm and 30mm flanges. Please refer to the product description for required gasket tape.

Temperature resistance: -40°C to +100°C

Application Sealing Corner


  • Closed cell polyethylene foam
  • Self-adhesive on one side
  • Colour: anthracite grey
  • Particularly suitable for use in ventilation systems where high air-tightness classes are demanded
  • Temperature resistance: -30⁰C to +80⁰C
  • According to VDI 6022

More Product Information

Product Data Sheet: Sealing Corner
Download PDF - Sealing Corner

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